The Lion's Roar - His Holiness The 16th Gyalwang Karmapa Rangjung Rigkpe Dorje - Part 1

The Song of Rangjung Rigkpe Dorje (རང་འབྱུང་རིག་པའི་རྡོ་རྗེ་) (1924–1981)

  Saddened by the views and actions of the untamed people of this dark age, I sang this song called   " Dispelling the Anguish of Mind '' in order to arouse the vow of compassion of the only father guru.

Ah ho!
Embodiment of all refuges, dharmakaya Vajradhara,
Is inseparable from the body of the glorious guru.
Because of my overwhelming longing for you, this
melodious song
Overflows from the power of my overwhelming devotion.

The primordial, natural state is brilliantly clear;
But not relaxing in this penetrating state,
How confused I have become in analyzing my discursive thoughts!
Contemplating this, I remember with longing the Karma Kagyu.

Passing beyond with the self-existing ground of insight-emptiness,
This ordinary mind of nowness
Is not conceptualized as being born or liberated.
Its unceasing manifestation cannot be thought of as an external object.
Samsara and nirvana appear simultaneously.
This is the effortless path, marvelous mahamudra.
One meets the face of basic self-existing insight.
The ways of samsara and nirvana are mastered,
And the confused appearance of the three realms
collapses into space.
One reaches the self-existing trikaya;
So why wish for future results?
This is the special teaching of the Kagyus;
Contemplating this, I pursue the path taken by the forefathers.

You followers who rely on me,
Have no desire for this life; think of the next life.
Though outwardly adorned with monks' robes, saffron
like clouds at sunrise,
Inwardly, their discipline of the three vows is like horns on a hare.
How sad that they do not meditate on the two stages of the path.
Tomorrow, at the time of death,
This mind full of regrets will be overcome by darkness.

Therefore, concentrate on learning, contemplation, and meditation.
Raise the victory banner of the teachings of the
Practice Lineage to the summit of the world.
Accomplish the two benefits on this very seat.
May the fortunate circumstances of accomplishing these,
The gurus, Mahakala, Mahakali, and their host,
Always accomplish one's wishes.


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