The Lion's Roar - His Holiness The 16th Gyalwang Karmapa Rangjung Rigkpe Dorje - Part 3

The Song of Choying Dorje  (ཆོས་དབྱིངས་རྡོ་རྗེ་) (1604–1674)

  In this dark age, by merely hearing the jetsun's name, samsara is brut to an end. The lord of kindness, the supreme, victorious Karmapa Choying Dorje, was discouraged at the chaos of the changing times and remembered with longing the kindness of the omniscient lord guru. Desiring to see the tulku of his guru and to practice in solitude, he decided to go to Do Kham

in the east. As a parting message of oral instructions for the dharma practitioners and his followers in U and Tsang, he bestowed this vajra song:

I supplicate the kind refuge.
Grant your blessings so that this lowly one may keep to retreat.
From now on, I shall stay on unknown mountains
And wander through unknown kingdoms.
Endless business
Is like a child playing in the ashes.
All that you did before is futile.
If you act now, act virtuously.

Formerly, you were subject to the confusion of dualistic fixation.
Having obtained this precious human body,
You threw it in the mud of futile samsara.
When you look for it in the future, you will not find it.
Therefore, now is the right time to accomplish the great objective.

Although formerly you had you had your intimate friends,
In the future, you will not be accompanied by your host of kin.
When you go to the next world,
Will there be familiar country and servants?
If you are going to acquire a refuge or guide, acquire one now.

During this autumn season, changing and impermanent,
Fields of varied flowers, bright and splendid,
Existed yesterday, but today are withered.
This is a teacher of impermanence and illusion.
Think about this and pursue solitude.

This body cannot bear one day's hunger and thirst.
Though you cling to it fondly, you will lose it in the end.
The four elements change with the seasons.
This groundless consciousness
Is like a city created by a magician.
You have no leisure to live here for a long time.
If you understand this, practice the holy and divine dharma.

He is not appeased by giving away all one's wealth.
His ears are not seduced by sweet words.
He is not turned away by actions of powerful force.
He is infamously known as death.
He has never before taken sides between enemies and friends.
The time of his coming is uncertain.
If you consider him, nothing else has any significance.

In the black darkness of the precipitous path of bardo,
You cannot see with your fleshy eyes.
Therefore, prepare the torch of inner luminosity,
So that even if you die tomorrow, you will have no regrets.
Since you cannot find an opportunity for leisure,
Now is the time to take an attitude of urgency.

Placing no hope in fantasies of accumulating and hoarding,
The good life is just seeking sustenance.
Not hoping for soft plush silken clothing,
Warm the body with old torn and tattered garments.
Think about this and dwell in the mountains.

Even the birds that soar in the sky,
Although having great freedom to go where they please,
Must be careful when they seek food on the ground.
If they end up caught fast in a snare, what can they do?

Although you have the great freedom to go wherever you please,
If you wander in the land of bias,
You must beware of the trap of entertainment,
The deception of childish people.
If caught by this, you will regret it in the future.
Thinking about this, dwell in mountain retreats.


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