The Lion's Roar - His Holiness The 16th Gyalwang Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje - Part 4

The Song of Dudul Dorje   (བདུད་འདུལ་རྡོ་རྗེ་) (1733–1797)

   Our only refuge, the glorious Gyalwang Karmapa Vajra Conqueror of the Hordes of Maras, composed this vajra song to encourage his disciples to practice the dharma:

I supplicate the three jewels of refuge.

In the empty dwelling place of confusion,
Desire is unchanging, marked on the mind
Like an etching on a rock.
You gullible guests, hearken to this!

Generally, the suffering of samsara is inconceivable.
Contemlpating this again and again, I burst into tears.
Above, in the deva realm of the thirty-tree,
The hosts of the sons and the daughters of the gods
Promote pleasure and amusement;
But when they have heard the sound of death,
The following week,
Their minds are pierced by a shaft of suffering.
Because you have not realized your mind as buddha,
And have fallen into the ocean of existence,
Now is the time for us to practice the divine dharma.

In the middle, in the excellent realm of Jambudvipa,
Formarly, the Victorious One's teachings extended in the ten directions,
And set out the path of liberation, which ripens and frees many beings.
The teachings were widespread in the golden age,
But these days are the age of the five corruptions.
The study of the texts of the holy dharma has been lost,
And the weights and measures of deceit are held in hand.
All those "geshes" who wander through the cities and country
Suffer in the realm of samsara
When the faults of the material world begin to show.
Now is the time for us to practice the divine dharma.

Below, in the eighteen regions of hell,
The unimaginable sufferings of heat and cold,
Experienced for countless great aeons,
Are the fruit of completely ripened karma.
Now is the time for us to practice the divine dharma.

Especially, this suffering of birth, old age, sickness, and death
That everyone experiences does not fade away.
If you do not offer this udumbara flower to the sambuddhas,
How sad, it will naturally wilt.

Having gained the eighteen conditions of being free
and well-favored at this time,
It is very stupid not to practice the holy dharma.
The time when the messengers of Yama, the lord of death,
And the seasonal rains come is uncertain.
When the time comes , even the divine dharma
Is certainly too late, O son of noble family.
Human life passes quickly,
And you, who are accomplished in nondharma and laziness
Will become old men before you know it.
Still, you are planning to stay around.

Having accumulated at home
Roomfuls of goods and necessities,
The five poisonous klesas
Spread like fire in the ten directions,
And consume all the precious bodhi trees of virtue.
Wretched, you hasten as if eager
For the rock bottom of hell.
This makes me utterly depressed.

Generally, if you intend to practice the holy dharma wholeheartedly,
Reflect on the consequences of karma's cause and effect
As proclaimed previously by the Sambuddha
In the saddharma-smrtyupasthana-sutra and elsewhere.
Everything is the natural expression of emptiness.
If ego-fixated mind
Does not see its own face as dharmakaya,
There is not a moment's opportunity for happiness.

Therefore, the supreme permanent state
Is brought to realization on the quick path
By the great truth of mahamudra,
The realization of things as they are.
May it be abundant.

Thus, he sang.


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