The Song of the sixth Shamar Mipam Chökyi Wangchuk

The Song of the sixth Shamar 

Mipam Chökyi Wangchuk 1584-1630

Namo Vajresvarâya

I am a yogin blessed by my guru.
Today I sing a song of happiness.
Today I sing a song of joy.

I supplicate glorious Vajradara.
Lord father Marpa, grant your blessings.
I supplicate Kungthangpa.
Wangchuk Dorje, grant your blessings.

I wish to be a mendicant without a master above me.
I wish to be a renunciant without a servant below me.

   The impermanence of life is like a butter lamp in the wind.
Those who fixate on permanence are deeply confused.

Considering the unerring nature of karma’s cause and effect,
I feel compassion for those who do not apply
Themselves to the virtuous dharma.

I am a holder of the Kagyu teachings.
I keep the example of father Milarepa.
I supplicate father Milarepa.

Generally, having realized dharmata is emptiness,
How could there be malicious attacks of external demon gods?

Having realized that one’s mind is the guru,
Toward whom can there be artificial devotion?

Since all dharmas are in the state of simplicity,
How could there be meditation fabricated by the mind?

Since apparent phenomena dawn as bliss and emptiness,
What need is there of another homeland?

Other than the goal of futures lives,
There is no ultimate counsel.
May all my brothers and companions keep this in mind.



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